Research Projects

Current Projects:

Silicon Photonics

We are investigating both passive and active silicon photonic components and systems for optical communication applications. 

Past Projects:

 Material Modeling
We were developing optimization algorithms to extract the modeling parameters for different metals and dielectric materials. These parameters were required for defining those materials in the simulation model.  

Investigation of Plasmonic Waveguides 
We investigated plasmonic waveguides with different geometries and constructed using different materials. The finite-difference time-domain method was used for the simulation. The purpose of this project was to observe the characteristics of Surface-Plasmon-Polariton (SPP) through these waveguides and find the optimum design for different applications.

 Investigation of Nanoplasmonic Couplers
We analyzed the performance of different dielectric materials as nanoplasmonic couplers. In order to achieve longer propagation of SPP mode, we tried to integrate both dielectric and plasmonic waveguide on the same device in the simulation model. 

Study of Corrugated Slow Wave Structures for Backward Wave Oscillator
We analyzed different corrugated slow wave structures such as semi-circular, triangular, square etc. in an attempt to find an alternative structure which is easier to fabricate than sinusoidal corrugation and provides better temporal growth rate.